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Thumbs up! Bultaco is back on the road – with some pedalling!

    Bultaco_logoThumbs up! Bultaco, you may remember the marque for such roles as 1960’s era enduro and trials star – and one of the coolest logos in motorcycle lore.  Bultaco was a Spanish company that began production back in the late 1950s and built road racers, enduro and trials bikes among others. The company achieved  championships in different genres of racing including several  World Championships. It was successful brand leading up to the doors closing for good in 1983.

    All Over The (Bultaco) Brinco

    Bultaco is back for 2015 with  a new product – the Bultaco Brinco which is more electric bultaco brincobicycle than motorcycle. The limited edition first run has already sold out. The company does however have plans for two electric motorcycles, the Rapitan and the Rapitan Sport – why the company didn’t name one of the new machines after one of their last of their previous bikes, the Streaker (1979) is unknown. While e-bikes are a growing segment and the Brinco seems a cross between a trials bike and a mountain bike, the Rapitan and Rapitan Sport are definitely in the motorcycle fold with strong contemporary styling and encouraging technical details promising 200km range and quick recharging times. Like any motorcycle company today, the Bultaco line comes complete with a substantial list of logo’d apparel and accessories including helmets, jackets and watches.

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