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Tilting Quickly – Arcimoto

    As we have noted in the past, Tilting Motor Works builds leaning front end kits to transform everything from an Electra Glide to a Gold Wing into a three-wheeled vehicle. The front end system allows the transformed bike to be ridden like a motorcycle with the benefit of a locking upright mode. Arcimoto on the other hand is a builder of three-wheeled electric vehicles that do not tilt. Well not yet. 

    The company has reportedly bought Tilting Motor Works and the company’s Trio kit. The Arcimoto electric vehicle that might get the tilting treatment is the Roadster (below), a sit-upon three-wheeler that comes closest to being kind of a motorcycle—with hints of a snowmobile thrown in.

    The more upright and semi-enclosed Arcimoto FUV might also benefit from some leaning action. Arcimoto has also announced a planned attempt to break the speed record for tilting electric, or gas powered, motorcycles through a partnership with Lightning, a builder of electric motorcycles and holder of the 215.960 mph record for electric motorcycles.


    arcimoto threewheel vehicle that looks like a snowmobile

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