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On the Verge of Success

    verge electric ts

    Deposits have become the norm when buying electric motorcycles – or a possible future motorcycle.

    We noted how Verge Motorcycles of Finland was once asking 2,000 euros deposit on its Verge TS, which has a retail price of 24,990 euros. The amount of the deposit suggests a serious commitment to taking ownership once “small scale” production begins in 2022. The considerable deposit would be too much to walk away from should you decide the bike just isn’t for you. This amount should also give the builder a better idea of potential real buyers. But recently the deposit dropped to 100 euros, which seems a toss-away amount compared to the bike’s MSRP. The idea of requiring a deposit for a motorcycle – or any vehicle for that matter – that has yet to be produced seems loaded with some amount of peril. On one hand the number of individuals ponying up a deposit gives an indication of interest in the product. But just how deep is that interest especially if the the deposit is minimal?

    verge electric tsThe explanation for Verge’s sudden drop on deposit amount may found on the company’s Facebook page where they celebrated a new owner who ordered the bike and paid the lesser deposit while sitting on the bike at EICMA—an impulse buy is easier to make at 100 euros. Verge was also offering test rides at the big Italian show in November. Grabbing customers for a yet to be released commercial product is key to future success.

    Verge claims a 300-km range in the city and 200 on the highway with a 15-minute DC charge to get a range of 100 kilometres. The signature piece for the Verge is its hubless rear wheel with integrated 80 kilowatt motor producing a massive 737 foot-pounds torque and a top speed of 180 kmh. The company says the engine is revolutionary requiring no belts, chains or oil and extremely little maintenance.  Sounds impressive. Hopefully all those 100-euro deposits come through when the big bill arrives for one of these admittedly stunning Verge motorcycles.


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