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Victory and Roland Sands: Magical Mystery Tour?

    RacetotheCloudsA press release form Victory suggests that the company and the ubiquitous Roland Sands have something up their sleeves but what that might be is suppose to be a mystery as no further information will be released until May 28. Can you wait that long? If we have to assume a few possibilities from the poster (and we know what that does to both of us) could the “Race to the Clouds” be a ride up Pikes Peak on an old Yamaha MT-O1? Come on we are only making assumptions based on the bike’s profile. Or does Victory have some underseat exhaust street fighter penned by Sands in the works. The relationship worked when Sands contributed to the BMW rNineT last year so perhaps lightning will strike twice on different continents.

    That Yamaha MT-O1 sure was a good looking machine though…


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