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Dreamcycle – Palace of Dreams

dream cycle suzuki gt750

An energetic new museum of vintage and classic bikes promises to be a hands-on learning experience.

Probably the most comprehensive collection of classic and vintage motorcycles in western Canada spends most of its time behind closed doors. Since Vancouver’s Deeley Harley-Davidson decided they would exhibit just a fraction of their collection at a time, the rest of the bikes that Trev Deeley accumulated remain out of sight, neatly stacked on warehouse shelving.
So where can you go to see a collection of historically significant motorcycles west of the Rockies?
Between Salmon Arm and Sorrento, BC, right on the Trans-Canada Highway is a new motorcycle museum that features a display of important European, Japanese and American motorcycles from the last century. And will, according to owner Mark Lane, grow into something far more significant.

dream cycle

Lane plans to turn part of the Dreamcycle premises into a working shop, where visitors can watch motorcycle restoration in progress. And best of all, he plans to encourage local schools to participate, so students can get first-hand experience working with shop tools while learning the art of motorcycle restoration.
“I see motorcycles as pieces of art, much like a painting,” says Lane. “I can sit and enjoy looking at them for hours. Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way.”

dream cycle display

Lane’s enthusiasm is contagious: he frequently shows people around the collection himself, adding his personal stories to the comprehensive printed details that accompany each display. The Dreamcycle gift shop is also a treasure trove of rare books and memorabilia. And if looking at motorcycles makes you hungry, the museum’s Sprokkets café has excellent home-made food and makes a great cup of coffee.


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