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Wiring Up The 2016 Speed Triple


    Showing that the new, new, old Bonneville doesn’t deserve all the attention for 2016, Triumph revealed an updated Speed Triple for those who prefer a little naked bruiser to a neo-classic retro hipster. What you get for ’16 on the Speed Triple is five,  count ’em,  five riding modes! What are five different riding environments? How about Rain, Road, Sport, Track and Rider. The latter is more or less a figure it out for yourself mode depending on where you are riding and what you like. The riding mode selection will effect the level of ABS and traction control. In “Rider” mode it is possible to turn off ABS and traction control altogether – perhaps you are wanting to do a little off-road recon on your Speed Triple. The technology side of the equation doesn’t end there as you will also be treated to a ride by wire throttle that will insert a little computer between your wrist and and that lovely 1050 cc triple.  Don’t develop any sudden separation anxiety as that little computer is said to decrease response time and increase fuel economy. And as a final nod to making things go just a little bit faster, the old turn signals have been replaced with slimmer LED models.

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