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Yamaha – Embracing the Triple

    There are many reasons to appreciate the triple – smoother than a twin, more low range torque than a inline four – so it is no wonder that Yamaha has embraced the triple with the company’s 900 motor now powering the FZ-09, FJ-09 and the new and very cool XSR900. Being perhaps more of a traditionalist and seeing both versions of the XSR900 at Vancouver motorcycle show, I have to conclude that the yellow bike in the old school colours is better than the brushed metal edition even if it is less hipster. xsr900Add the colour matched rear seat cowl to the build sheet, subtract the optional suede seat and the bike is a winner and gives the Ducati Scrambler a run for its money for the retro appeal crown. Yamaha is likely to add more triples to the line-up in coming years including the MTW-09, a three wheeled machine that takes the idea of simple and turns it on its head. Seeing that bike in action (here) makes one ponder the benefits of three wheels in what is obviously not an entry level machine. Great motor, one heck of a complicated steering and suspension system.

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