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Yamaha Introduces an Eluder

    2018 Yamaha Eluder

    While the name may not roll off the tongue, the bike itself may leave some speechless as Yamaha introduces a less is more version of the Venture TC in the Eluder. The Venture TC which appeared on the cover of the July 2017 issue of the Canadian Biker came as a much needed addition to the cruiser and touring segments. As other manufacturers have done recently Yamaha saw the advantage of extending the platform into the bagger niche but rather than wait a season or two  has done so almost simultaneously with the dressed bike.  The new bagger strips some chrome, a few options and of course the top case to give the bagger a 40kg weight advantage over the larger TC. All the good stuff connected to the throttle remains including Yamaha’s Chip Control Throttle, cruise control, traction control, unified braking  and power modes for the 1854 cc v-twin . With the weight savings of the new bike, Yamaha has left off the Park Assist electric motor as the Eluder should be a little more maneuverable. The Eluder has an MSRP of $27,099 representing a saving of almost $5,000 over the price of the Venture TC.

    Yamaha Eluder

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