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Zero Boosts New Dualsport Model

    Zero Motorcycles DSR With all the press from traditional motorcycle companies regarding new electric concepts and models it might be easy to forget that one of the original all electric manufacturers is still plugging away. Zero Motorcycles has introduced two new models for 2016, the most interesting of which is an upgraded dualsport that features the company’s “Z-Force” Zero Motorcycles DSRmotor claimed to produce up to 96hp and 106 ft-lbs torque. Goodies for this new Zero DSR include a Showa suspension , Bosch anti-lock brakes and Pirelli dualsport tires. Two choices of powerpacks allow for up to 147 miles (city) without the optional accessory “Power Tank” range extender.  Hit the forests silently but keep in mind how far into that plug free wilderness you venture. CDN MSRP is $20,974. See it somewhat silently in action here.

    Zero Motorcycles DSR

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