Up, Up and Away – Yamaha Helicopter

fazer_helicopterIt is always interesting to see what companies we usually associate with motorcycles and powersports are also spending their time and money  building. Case in point – Yamaha. The tuning fork company manufacturers a huge variety of products including musical instruments, car engines, outboards, boats, snowmobiles, electric bikes, electric bike bolt on motors, robotics and water cleaning systems. That just scratches the surface. Another product the company builds is remote control helicopters. These aren’t little play around toy helicopters but 3.6 metre long payload carrying helicopters featuring 390cc motors. As you can imagine a large remote controlled helicopter is not a toy and you can not actually buy one to mount with a GoPro and capture that epic ride. Available for hire in the US from Yamaha and flown by Yamaha pilots the helicopters are used mostly for agricultural purposes.