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Canadian biker motorcycle magazine 3357Canadian Biker #357 has left the building bound for subscribers and newsstands across Canada. 

The lead feature is the Harley-Davidson Sportster S which we were fortunate enough to grab seat time upon before the weather hinted that riding motorcycles, even here on the West coast, was going to get challenging. The Sportster S is extraordinarily important to Harley-Davidson’s future and its introduction needed to showcase the possibilities of the new platform. The company could have taken a conservative approach to the start of this new era of Sportsters and by that we mean sensible, universal and safe. But they didn’t an it was a good approach. The Sportster S is uncompromising in pursuing the style and flare that made the brand famous. If a Sportster S is going to hit the streets with purpose, it had to make a statement. Consider the result mission accomplished.

Lately, everyone has been heading into the dirt. If there is a trend heading into 2022, it’s manufacturers across the board looking at adventure and dual-sport bikes as a. key to future growth. Some of the new dirt names are surprising. In this issue we run down specs of new bikes with a dirt edge from Husqvarna, Aprilia and MV Agusta. The latter two are more dual sport that ADV and the Husky is somewhere in the middle. Triumph has a brand new Tiger 1200 that they claim outperforms the competition in just about every sense. And there is Yamaha already making suggestions that the Tenere 700 could get a more hardcore. And that dirty news is before talking further about Triumph foray into motocross. 

Not the intended use is the theme behind two new custom bikes. One is a naked street-fighter making a racing appearance and the other is a sport touring behemoth that looks like ….well… ummm, a whale. Both bikes started life as large displacement cruisers.

The headlines today are aimed at electric bikes but as impressive as the performance may be from these machines many feel there is something inherently missing from an electric motorcycle. An electric motor can provide seamless, instant torque and but the character of the motor itself is muted. That is why, in the pursuit of a clean future, several of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers in combination with several auto makers are pursuing hydrogen as a fuel not just to produce electricity via a fuel cell but to fuel an internal combustion engine in a motorcycle. We look at the reasons why it might be the right solution for motorcycles of the future.

What else to we having kicking around this last issue of 2021? How about a ridiculously cheap Honda that is about to hit the streets of Canada – meet the Navi. Yes, it is really a scooter but it looks kind of like a motorcycle. Honda gave the diminutive machine to a couple of custom shops in an attempt to add some cool. We have a rundown of winners in yet another big custom bike shoot-out. We pay subtle tribute to a disco tune while talking about chop saw and lumber carrying electric motorcycles. And we wonder why Honda hasn’t announced its most interesting new motorcycle of 2022 will be coming to Canada. All that and several other interesting tidbits about Bimota, Royal Enfield, Norton and Verge.

Enjoy this issue that wraps up the 2021 campaign and we will see you in the 2022 with more interesting stories from the wide world of motorcycles. 



bikes in Canada prices and specs


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