Canadian Biker – June 2016


  The June 2016 issue of Canadian Biker is now available.


thomsonrogers-motorcycleOn the cover is the bike that many enthusiasts have been waiting to ride, the 2016 Honda Africa Twin.  We get on the descendant of a legend on Vancouver Island to see if the bike lives up to all that Africa rally history on this side of the pond.  Also on tap in the issue is a look at one of the other bikes that has taken a sudden turn for the dirt – the Ducati Multistrada Enduro. Can the maker of high end sport bikes make  inroads offroad? We start by getting it really dirty. You don’t hear that about a Ducati often.



Speaking of offroad – just say you were being chased by zombies. It happens all the time on tv. What if you can’t get your hands on a Africa Twin, a BMW GS or maybe even a Ducati Enduro? What if the only thing you have to work with is an old Kawasaki sportbike? Knobby tires, ammo cases and zombie defense measures. Check, check and check – meet the KawaZombie, one’s man’s escape strategy.


Beyond that there is more dirt with a very interesting kit for the Honda CB500X that puts the X in bold print. We have a custom VMax that proves just  how far you can take the idea. We ponder whether the Ducati Sixty2 really is for the hipster youth and we take a very long and meandering journey through the wilds of the Yukon and British Columbia. All that and more…

Ducati Sixty2