Canadian Biker Magazine


Since 1980 Canadian Biker magazine has been informing, entertaining, occasionally annoying and on-and-off amusing Canadian motorcyclists. We began as a newsprint publication aimed at BC riders but soon noticed that the rest of the country needed another motorcycle perspective and what better place than the roads of British Columbia to provide it? Turns out that was a good idea. We moved to glossy paper, we sold the magazine across the country in newsstands and through subscriptions and the rest is history.

We have evolved over the years. We quickly learned that you can’t keep every motorcycle rider happy. No, hold on, that’s not what we meant. We strive to make everyone happy most of the time. Our subscribers love us –  except for that one guy and his motorcycle. We cover just about every aspect of motorcycling  (we  just did a story on snowbikes). We like motorcycle travel stories (don’t we all ride to get away?)and we have one in every issue. We like vintage because every motorcycle is vintage eventually.  We have an intrepid contributor who travels the world attending press events in likely and unlikely locations. We like custom motorcycle stories because sometimes buying an old bike and making it your own is the way to go.

Motorcycles and riding are fun, a passion for ourselves and our readers. That sense of fun has come through in our magazine. That is what we aim to provide.


Keeping Canadian riders informed and entertained since 1980.