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Style Award – V-Strom 250

We don’t have an announcement that the V-Strom 250 will be coming to Canada but if we had to make a prediction, we would  give a favourable nod that the pint sized ADV machine will eventually hit our shores. The small displacement machine has just won a Design Award in Japan illustrating that a good looking ADV machine can be based on a diminutive motor. What else leads us to believe that the V-Strom 250 will arrive in Canada? (a) Kawasaki has the Versys-X 300 on the market here and we doubt other manufacturers will leave Kawasaki alone in a small displacement category (remember the Kawasaki Ninja 250?), (b) small displacement bikes are the volume leaders, (c) Suzuki would be remiss to not work on engaging more riders with the V-Strom line which is its most successful in the Canadian market and (d) a bike that would likely cost a similar amount as the GSX250R which comes in at $4699 would surely draw a few eyeballs.  Some of the Japanese photos show the bike with saddlebags and a top case – great accessories but packed with gear may just put too much load on the little motor for some riders.

Big Boy Pants Part 2 : V-Strom 250

v-strom 250

While there is thus far no indication that this pint size adventurist  will be coming to Canada it does make for  interesting news.  No longer is the fan favourite, the V-Strom 650, the little bike and in fact that bike  is huge in displacement compared to the 250. While sporting the ADV cues of its larger namesakes and powered by a small parallel twin,  the V-Strom 250 (obviously they couldn’t go with P-Strom) is more about the ergonomics and comforts of the ADV class than it is about tackling the Dempster Highway and around town if should make for a admirable commuter with horsepower in the 25-ish range. Suddenly with the arrival of this Strom and the new GSX-R250 (which is coming to Canada), Suzuki has completely brought their small bike offerings into the modern world. Way to go Suzuki.