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2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650

    2017 Suzuki v-strom 650The little Suzuki  V-Strom 650 gets updated for 2017 with the intention of re-uniting the family resemblance between the big and little v-twin adventure bikes. The 650 now gets the stacked headlights and beaky nose of its larger sibling. But the changes are not all cosmetic. The 650 also gets a traction control system, an easy start mechanism and low rpm assist. While traction control seems self-explanatory, the other two features may not be. Easy start means only having to push the start button once and not hold it down until the motor engages. Low RPM assist will help prevent stalls in slow speed maneuvering which should be beneficial should you take the little ‘Strom rock crawling. The 650 version of Suzuki’s adventure twins has always held a special place in many riders hearts and is often in favoured over its larger stablemate. Having the two bikes present a unified face should benefit both machines. The bike will be offered in two forms: the standard edition with cast wheels and the XT edition with spoked wheels and a few protective pieces. 2017 Suzuki v-strom 650

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