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2018 Gold Wing – Long Time Coming

    You can’t argue with the notion that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The Gold Wing is a case in point. The last new Gold Wing appeared  shortly after the turn of the century. To be fair, there are some older bikes on the market – shuffle through Honda’s line-up and delve into the age of the venerable XR650L-  a  bike that rode to school uphill both ways through four feet of snow. So in perspective, the old Gold Wing wasn’t that old but it was showing it’s age even though it had received a few subtle nips and tucks through the years. But when new models like the F6B and Valkyrie appeared it seemed like an effort to get wring a few more years from an aging chassis with bodywork changes. It was time for a ground up makeover.  What the new 2018 Gold Wing brings is a modern  design that still shouts  “Gold Wing” on far lighter new motorcycle with a redesigned inline  six, riding modes, digital displays and screens, electric windshield and the choice of either a six speed manual or DCT transmission. What is most interesting is that a base Gold Wing is now what the F6B was, a Gold Wing without a rear topcase. A Gold Wing Tour is a Wing with a topcase but, like the recently departed Victory Vision, the topcase is removable should a trip without the kitchen sink be planned for the weekend. And there is the airbag version with its own paint scheme.

    The base model begins at $26,999.

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