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HOME » 2022 BMW K 1600 Grand America // GTL // GT // B

2022 BMW K 1600 Grand America // GTL // GT // B

2022 BMW K 1600 Grand America // GTL // GT // B

Category: Tour

K1600 Price in Canada: $34330 // 33595 //  29,950 // 29700

Engine: Inline Six

Displacement (cc): 1649

Torque (Nm): 175

Drive: Shaft

Weight (kg): 364 // 350 // 334  // 336

Seat (mm): 750 // 750 // 810 // 750

UNIQUENESS FACTOR: 8.5 out of 10

The K 1600 platform comes in a variety of flavours utilizing the in-line six motor.  The offerings range from a bagger to a fully dress tourer to a GT tourer with the option to gussy two of the bikes up with a collection of specific accessories. It is a uniques set up only found elsewhere – almost – in the Gold Wing.

WHAT BMW SAYS: Grand America – You will experience every kilometre more intensively with the K 1600 Grand America. And yet you’ll never get enough: thanks to the standard additional headlight and the full LED headlight with adaptive headlight, you can now travel more safely and confidently than ever before, even at night. Thanks to its swivel function, the light cone remains constant and adapts seamlessly when you lean into corners. After all, what’s better than never losing sight of the horizon even in the dark? The standard audio system 2.0 also opens up new dimensions. Apart from intuitive menu navigation and numerous sound profiles, there is not much to see: the antennas have been concealed.

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