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94 Horsepower – Africa Twin

    africa twin

    With Honda’s release of the final specs on the Africa Twin (except for the CDN  MSRP)  the numbers are in. The 998cc engine will produce 94hp at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 72 ft/ lbs at 6,000 rpm. The 18.8 litre tank should get about 400km from Honda’s claimed fuel economy 21.8km/l. Interestingly there seems to be three models on the horizon: a standard version, an upgraded version with ABS and HSTC (torque control) and a DCT version with ABS and HSTC. The base model will not be coming to Canada. The difference in dry weight between the very base model and the loaded DCT version is in excess of 30lbs while just adding ABS increases weight by about 9 lbs. There will be the ability to turn ABS off when required – that ought to come in handy. The base version weighs in at 458 lbs dry. It is not clear if all three models will come to Canada.

    As expected on a bike like this, Honda will be offering a full line of accessories including top box, panniers, smoke screen, high screen, upper and lower wind deflectors, rubber pillion step, DCT foot shifter, heated grips, 12V socket, fog lamp including cowl bar, wheel stripes and alarm system.

    africa twin
    A 400 km range will get you 200 kms into the dunes.

    This time it appears that Honda is serious about ADV.

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