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Africa Twin Accessories : Honda Bags The Big Dualie


    A set of hard bags in an adventure theme are included in Honda’s just released additional accessories for the new Africa Twin which officially brings the bike into the adventure touring fold. Other accessories include a top box, higher windscreen, wind deflectors, bash plate, heated grips and a 12V socket. There are lots of AfricaTwin_Accessories3euphemisms for that tubular bar accessories that wraps around the upper bodywork as it is there for the “uh oh” situations.  It will AfricaTwin_Accessories4 somewhat protect the expensive plastic pieces if you find yourself riding up a 45 degree slope over rocks and loose gravel and whoops, the bike falls over.  Or is you ride into two deep a stream and your riding buddy needs something to hold onto as he tries to help pull you out. Or you could mount an array of lights to it to illuminate your way across the savannah. In Honda’s case it is a “bar cowl”. Another accessory to make an appearance is a foot shifter for the DCT transmission….. I know we don’t get it either.


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