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Big Dog Retrieves The Chopper

    2016 Big Dog K9

    Operating with the positive reinforcement of the website , Big Dog Motorcycles is bringing stretch, glitz and huge displacement back to the custom chopper segment. It is a long story and one familiar to many who had a favourite custom manufacturer back in the early years of the millennium as Big Dog ceased building bikes in 2011 a victim of both the economy and changing rider preferences. The company under another name supplied components and parts for the many Big Dog bikes still ridden bu customers through the inactive years  but with many of the players from those day permanently gone the company that claims to have been the largest builder of custom motorcycles thinks the time is ripe for a new crop of bikes. The first will be one of the iconic models for Big Dog, the K9 featuring a S&S Super Sidewinder 124″ v-twin. The company claims that with proprietary components and the opportunity to research and develop the bike over the last several years of the shutdown the new K9 will be better than ever. No matter the result – and we hope it works out for the Kansas based company – it sure is good to see a 300mm tire on the road again.

    Big Dog Wolf circa 2005

    Big Dog K9 circa 2005


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