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Electric Ambiguity – BMW Electric Concept

    Proven frequently is how it’s nearly impossible to purposely design a product that will excite Gen Y and the Millennials. They are a temperamental crowd with an independent streak and the last thing they want is to be instructed by someone older than they are. They have to decide for themselves. Which makes the entire process a bit of a crap shoot. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying – be they in the motorcycle business or just about any other. Enter the two-wheeled BMW electric concept.

    However, BMW hasn’t given up on the idea that these particular generations will ride free and embrace the electric two-wheel lifestyle. Enter another electric concept, the CE 02. 

    bmw electric concept ce02 studio white

    The company says the new machine, which appears market-ready, is neither a motorcycle nor a scooter but exists in a place between, a non-threatening place. This is important because BMW obviously suspects most members of the target market have likely never ridden a motorcycle or scooter before. The CE 02 is designed to be user friendly with big wheels and a low centre of gravity. It weighs 120 kilograms and clocks a factory-spec top speed of 90 kmh with a driving range of 90 kilometres. 

    BMW has tied the bike into fashion and creativity and suggests owners will decorate the machine with stickers and tape. Interestingly, BMW has kept its own branding on the CE 04 to a minimum making the manufacturer a less obvious feature. This isn’t your father’s BMW.

    The is another BMW electric concept also offered up the Concept AMBY which looks more like a bicycle than a motorcycle. However, the AMBY foregoes the idea that electric bikes need to be pedaled and only features pegs and a twist throttle to control speed which can reach up to 60 kmh which in many jurisdictions would require the rider to be helmeted and the holder of a motorcycle licence.



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