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Calgary’s Two Wheel Sunday 2023

    two wheel sunday Calgary Canadian

    Often referred to as one of the largest one-day motorcycle events in Canada, and certainly the largest in western Canada, Two Wheel Sunday 2023 edition will be returning to Calgary on Sunday June 4, 2023.

    It has been a rocky few last years for the the large gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts due to the pandemic and weather but organizers say that this year will be the robot year with much planned for the day including many vendors and attractions. But it is the sights and sounds of this grassroots event that leave a lasting impression.

    As a plus, admission to Two Wheel Sunday 2023 is free.

    John Campbell, in his story about the event had this to say:

    Two Wheel Sunday offers that potent blend of attractions requisite for any grassroots motorcycle event, yet it delivers this timeless blend in a fresh friendly, efficient way thanks in no small part to a strong team of well-organized volunteers (“Voluntolds”) who interact and banter with thousands of people yet still have the dedication and energy at the end of the day to make sure there’s not so much as a single scrap of paper or cigarette butt left littering the streets and grassy areas. Bobby Baum believes there’s now a surplus of goodwill built up for the event within the general public and the business and political community, he and his organizing team intend to keep the PR ledger on the plus side as Two Wheel Sunday continues its natural progression toward something that will quite obviously become unpredictably big.

    Read the story in its entirety.

    Visit the Two Wheel Sunday website.


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