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Canadian Motorcycle Shows

Canadian Motorcycle Shows (corporate)

A series of trade shows held across Canada and managed by Power Sport Services, the for-profit arm of the Motorcycle and Moped Industry of Canada. These shows have traditional seen the involvement of the major OEMs with corporate booths. You are likely to see most of the models for the year in which the show occurs. In recent year, some manufacturers have chosen not to participate in come or all of the shows.

The 2022 schedule of shows has been canceled.

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Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council ( )

The MMIC defines themselves as “a national, non-profit, trade association which represents the responsible interests of the major motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, as well as the manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of motorcycle and scooter-related products and services in Canada.”

Within the same umbrella exists the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council  ( ) with a similar mission statement   “1. Serves as a forum to identify and act on issues of importance to the OHV community; 2. Monitors and responds to changes in legislation and regulations affecting the use of Off-Highway Vehicles; 3. Makes representations to the senior levels of government on behalf of its members and industry partners; 4. Acts as a statistical gathering base for the industry; and 5. Develops and offers group programs to serve dealers and individual riders and owners.”

The upshot of this is that ATV and SxS often feature quite prominently at the Motorcycle Shows – where you would be hard pressed to find any mopeds.

The Canadian Motorcycle Shows:

Vancouver Motorcycle Show  ( )

Calgary Motorcycle Show.  ( )

Edmonton Motorcycle Show  ( )

Toronto Motorcycle Show. ( )

Montreal Motorcycle Show ( )

Quebec Motorcycle Show   ( )



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