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Electric Motorcycle News

The world of electric motorcycles is expanding rapidly. The long list of electric motorcycle start-ups will soon eclipse the list of traditional motorcycle manufacturers. That doesn’t mean the “legacy” companies can be forgotten in the brave new world of electric transportation. In fact, far from it. But it is however apparent that the legacy manufacturers have appeared to have been caught sleeping.

A long line of prototypes and show bikes have appeared through the years and yet few of the big boys have actually brought an electric bike to market – and for the most part those bikes have disappeared.

Victory Motorcycles could, should they still exist, claim to be the first to do it with the Victory Empulse although that bike was actually a product of Brammo, a company that Polaris snapped up to grab a foothold in the marketplace. Victory even took that bike to the Isle of Man to race the TT and did well. One of the great mysteries over the past 10 years is why did Polaris give up on everything electric and what exactly became of the Empulse? The bike had true credentials even back then. Who knows where it could be today?

Harley-Davidson, of course, had the LiveWire but that electric bike has been spun off to live an independent life under its own umbrella. BMW has recently unveiled a new electric scooter, the CE 04, which is actually a second generation of the platform. But where is everyone else?

From long established brands like Zero Motorcycles to the start-ups with new ideas regarding an electric future, the changes to the motorcycle industry will be dramatic.

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