Radar Love for the Multistrada

The Ducati Multistrada has been radar verified in North America. What does that mean exactly? Dog fighting motorcycles? Goose, they are on our six! Goose, where'd you put that darn Polaroid camera? No nothing quite so exciting but none-the-less a safety enhancement that will eventually turn up on other Ducatis. the 2021 Ducati Multistrada V4S … Continue reading Radar Love for the Multistrada

Yamaha concept plane

Blue Thunder – Yamaha’s Airplane Engine

Along with a Japanese partner, Yamaha built a small plane concept to test the realities of utilizing the company's small engines to power aviation initiatives. It isn't specified as to what exactly the engine is but from the photo provided by the press release it does look a lot like the parallel twin the powers … Continue reading Blue Thunder – Yamaha’s Airplane Engine

Small bike. Big Appeal.

Sometimes, simple is simply fantastic. Bigger, better, faster and even more chock full of just about every technological advance known to man—and sometimes previously unknown. That was and still is the progression of motorcycles. The two bikes featured prominently in this issue, the Africa Twin and Ducati Multistrada Enduro, are examples of how far motorcycle … Continue reading Small bike. Big Appeal.

Yamaha 200kw electric motor

Electrified by Yamaha in Two Sizes

Yamaha has begun taking orders from outside companies for a 200 kw high-density electric motor that is suitable for cars and, as the company states, other types of vehicles that may of course include motorcycles. If you prefer to have your horsepower figures translated to imperial measurement, the 200 kw engine is worth a touch … Continue reading Electrified by Yamaha in Two Sizes

Kawasaki’s Electric Prototype – Just an Idea

Kawasaki has long had the idea of entering the electric bike market and at EICMA, company motorcycle division president unveiled a new prototype machine that looked quite traditional in its sport bike livery meaning it will likely appear as an e-Ninja and then be followed up by a naked e-Z20, being that the output of … Continue reading Kawasaki’s Electric Prototype – Just an Idea

Yamaha trinity

It Better Fall Over! Arguing about the Niken

Yamaha spread the three wheeled vibe further with the introduction of the TriCity 300, a scooter that borrows some of the Niken's engineering prowess by adding a similar set-up to the front of a 292cc scooter. What the new offering has, and the Niken does not, is Yamaha's tilt-lock assist system that keeps the machine … Continue reading It Better Fall Over! Arguing about the Niken

Virtual Racing Teammate for Rossi

Virtual racing - Yamaha's premier racing team, the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, has a new teammate for the legendary Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. The name is Lorenzo Daretti and he hails from Rome. Lorenzo is already a two time MotoGP champion for the eSport segment. That would be the video game version of MotoGP. … Continue reading Virtual Racing Teammate for Rossi

You Can’t Ride 55 … kph

It is often the differences in speed that cause the most serious incidents. Perhaps this bit of news will mitigate some of that. Ontario is looking at new regulations regarding traffic laws. The province is considering increasing the maximum speed limit allowed on major highways from 100kph to 120kph. Police groups seem eager to be … Continue reading You Can’t Ride 55 … kph