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Canadian Biker – December 2016

The December 2016 issue of Canadian Biker is now available on newsstands and has been mailed to our subscribers.

cb327cov mgx-21 moto guzzi sv650 agoma

Now Landing : MGX-21 Flying Fortress

On the cover of this last issue of 2016 is the Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Flying Fortress. We have ridden many motorcycles from this iconic Italian brand over the years. Bikes like the 2002 V11 Sport with its unusual styling, unusual paint colours and great character that still remains one of our favourites. Then there was the Quota which was Moto Guzzi being ahead of the ADV wave – perhaps a little too far ahead. The Stelvio may now fly the adventure flag for Moto Guzzi but the Quota came first. And then there were the unusual cruisers from the 2000’s like the California and California Stone which were most notable for needing a styling update. But that update and more came in a big way with the California 1400. A new motor, a new chassis and head turning good looks to go with equally flashy cb_327 mgx-21performance. With the new 1400 platform and previous machines like the Griso, Moto Guzzi has repeatedly proven to be a company willing to take a styling chance – and the MGX-21 Flying Fortress proves to be one of their biggest gambles yet. Tackling what is the most entrenched of American segments, the bagger and the even more concentrated form of baggerdom, the big wheeled bagger, Moto Guzzi is taking their new machine to the very heartland of cruisers and not only spiritually but physically as the launch of the Flying Fortress took place in Sturgis. Talk about a tough audience. No-one can deny that the MGX-21 is a fantastic looking machine but does it ride as good as it looks. That’s what we aim to figure out.



Elsewhere in the issue we ride the SV650 – the new one. As we mention in the story, you can be forgiven for being a little confused. The new SV650 looks a lot like the old SV650 or was it the SVF650 – otherwise known as the Gladius? The original SV650 arrived back in 1999 and was refreshed once before being joined and then replaced by the Gladius. Confused yet? Well the SV650 is back sans the slick cb_327_sv650fairing that made the earlier version such an eye-catcher. To be fair to Suzuki, the new SV650 has a lot of changes on the inside even though it doesn’t look all that much different on the outside. But don’t let that stop you from getting excited because it is the essence of the bike that has been improved. A guttural, raspy v-twin willing to toss around a light weight and relatively inexpensive machine. That’s what we’re talking about. There is nothing old about that feeling.


Our touring story this issue revolves around Ontario’s Algoma country as one couple explores their own backyard aboard that greatest of touring machines …. the Suzuki M109? We know the M109 for it’s hotrod attitude and being a glorious holdover from the days when the Japanese manufacturers were competing to build the biggest, baddest cruiser on the block. It is very good to know that the M109R is one of the few still around. That all being said a tour through Ontario’s backwoods aboard one seems appropriate.


It is always good to have a couple of eye catching customs in the magazine and in this case we have several and we look at the Championship of Custom Bike Building that took place at Intermot earlier this year. While customizing may be a universal passion around the globe, the style and type of bike that ends up on the show floor varies. This global custom show truly showcases the depth and breadth of talent that exist around the world.

What else? How about a few of the flashy new models for 2017 including a big wheeled trike with a transversely mounted v-twin that isn’t a Guzzi? It is in there too along with a bunch of other stuff.


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