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Canadian Biker – June 2017

The June 2017 issue of Canadian Biker has been mailed to our subscribers and will be available at select newsstands.

Being the pointy end of the stick, litre class sportbikes are where manufacturers choose to showcase their engineering and technical prowess. The segment doesn’t command the sales in North America that it once enjoyed but sportbikes exist in a global sales territory and enthusiasts for this brand of bike whether they be in Vancouver, Sydney or Tokyo are often extremely knowledgeable of the fine points of each machine. Among the Japanese manufacturers Suzuki was the last to provide these enthusiasts with an updated machine capable of fighting in and around the 200hp arena. The GSX-R1000 is a storied nameplate in the category and many would argue the most storied with a steady stream of like-minded machines going back to the original – and awesome – GSX-R1100. The new machine needed to amaze to hold its place in motorcycle history. Hoping for amazement, Suzuki pulled out the stops for the launch of the all-new 2017 GSX-R1000 holding the global unleashing on the Philip Island Circuit, home to the Australian MotoGP. Facing facts, a racetrack is the only place to showcase the abilities of this new GSX-R. While at the launch our contributor Bertrand had the opportunity to speak with legendary Suzuki rider Kevin Schwantz asking him how this bike compares to some of the race machines he has ridden. The answer is surprising – as are a few of the characteristics of the new bike that Bertrand sets out to both prove and disprove.

The Budget Bobber

After the rarified air of MotoGP tracks and high tech wizardry, we had the need to get back to the real world. So real that the location wasn’t that far from our office. We heard tell of a man who wanted a motorcycle, wanted it cheap and wanted it custom. Something that he could ride once he had his motorcycle license. What some ingenuity, a little help from his friends and space in a borrowed garage can result in is exceptional as we follow the building of a budget bobber.

Diving back into it after that local respite, we ride the Ducati Scrambler Cafe Racer. It is a name enough to give you a headache.Is it a Scrambler? Is it a Cafe Racer? But not a Cafe Scrambled Racer? What it is turns out to be an extension of the retro Scrambler family into a sportier territory. Truth be told it might just be the best looking machine in the Scrambler family. But how does it ride outside Ducati’s Land of Joy? Well pretty much like a Scrambler.

Desert Misadventures

Our travel story this issue is more a tale of misadventure as a Canadian man with the offroad urge takes his girlfriend on a trip

though the Arizona desert. Unfortunately his bike makes it while her bike does not. Someone has to ride for help, someone was to stay in the desert. It just doesn’t seem like that is a good idea. I’ll tell you now that it did work out in the end but as with life nothing was guaranteed and the man who came to the rescue went beyond the realm of just helpful.

In addition to those stories we have an indepth look at Harley-Davidson’s Canadian strategy including two new dealerships opening in Toronto, Nancy Irwin is still riding the back roads on Central America looking for Spanish lessons, old-timey motorcycle fitness suggestions from an old-timey defunct training schools (but the good stuff is timeless), pictured suggestions of what not to do with your motorcycle and more.


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