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July 2015


Canadian Biker – July 2015 Issue (#313)

roland sands concept 101The July 2015 issue of Canadian Biker is now available on newsstands and has been mailed to our subscribers. On the cover of the issue is BMW’s most recent collaboration with the ubiquitous Roland Sands. Following the success of the bike that eventually led to the RnineT, BMW has given Sands an even more interesting challenge but the results are stunning. The Concept 101 began life as the stately sport touring machine, the K1600GT, but has been morphed into – of all things – a woody bagger. What seem to be diametrically opposed concepts somehow come together in a unique blend of European and southern California styling. It might not be your cup of tea but it certainly catches the eye. And its got wood paneling! Or perhaps inserts – wood ones! It is probably what the guys are admiring in the above inset.

gsx-s1000In somewhat less of a dramatic departure, last year Suzuki launched the GSX-S750 and now, as a very early 2016 model the company has just introduced the GSX-S1000, the big brother. It might be easy to assume that the “S” is simply the naked version of the GSX-R1000 but in reality much work and engineering effort has gone into to this bike to give the machine its own character. We go to sunny Spain to ride Suzuki’s new naked sport bike- a category suddenly filled with a lot of competition.

harley-davidson livewire

Also in the issue we finally get a chance to ride the LiveWire after seeing the electric Harley-Davidson at the shows, reading about it in all the press releases and watching various promotional videos. Yes it was a short ride but it was an eye-opener. The biggest surprise might be that riding the bike itself is actually no big surprise. We’ll explain.

On a trip to Australia, or rather a layover in Australia, a Canadian rider grabs a rental BMW and tries to put as many miles in as he can while seeing a little bit of the the Down Under continent in a quick 24 hrs. What did he learn? For one thing, adventuring bikes might just be what he wants to ride when he gets home after all.

Ever get the urge to restore a vintage Harley? It comes over a lot of us at some point. For one gentleman on Vancouver Island the pursuit, purchase and restoration effort of one such Harley-Davidson spans more than a few decades. Does it get done? Well, there are always a few complications…

What else do we have on tap in the issue? How about a painstakingly built picnic table with a headlight and a rear wheel that started as a joke but ended up fantastic? Or a tale involving an arm eating washing machine (it has a happy ending)? A Harley in Vintage Hall? A custom Indian Scout with a rifle scabbard? One of those novelty ice cubes with a fly frozen in it but this time the ice cube is huge and the fly is a motorcycle?


It is all in the July 2015 issue of Canadian Biker magazine.

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