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Ducati Reveals a Letter – X


    We are going to have to follow this to find out what it all means and if, like that great movie The Usual Suspects, it all comes together at the end with a “of course!”.  So far Ducati has an “X” as in “x marks the spot”.  A  new videois released that  follows the discovery of “black” by Ducati earlier this month. Is it “X” as in cross? Motocross, crossover, crossing guard, hot crossed buns? Ducati has  stated that several of the models to be revealed this year are in categories that the company currently does not have an entry but one probably isn’t a bakery bike so the buns are off the list. The last line in the video seems to be “low speed excitement”. Yeah okay, I’m lost.

    See Ducati’s new video here.

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