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Electrified by Yamaha in Two Sizes

    Yamaha 200kw electric motor

    Yamaha has begun taking orders from outside companies for a 200 kw high-density electric motor that is suitable for cars and, as the company states, other types of vehicles that may of course include motorcycles. If you prefer to have your horsepower figures translated to imperial measurement, the 200 kw engine is worth a touch more than 268hp horsepower. Yamaha states that they will tailor the engine to specific customer needs but considering the electrons required to sustain a 268 horsepower effort, we will have to wait until the likes of solid state lithium ion batteries and other new battery technology comes online before the motor would have a meaningful impact on the motorcycle world. If your only goal is a quarter mile with your throttle connect to instant maximum torque, this might be an option.  Yamaha is also developing a 35 kw electric engine that will also be made available to third party builders. With the huge upswing in electric motorcycle startups, the option of buying a proven, high techYamaha 200kw electric motor Yamaha motor will be a plus for many and will likely lead even more start-ups into the market.

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