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Race Proven Electric

    stand alone image of Yamaha electric vehicle motor

    Yamaha, often at the forefront of engine development, will be providing electric motors to Subaru STI.

    What is STI? It is the skunkworks at Subaru. The Subarubian version of Mercedes’ AMG, BMW’s M, Mini’s JCW, you get the idea. It is the place things with wheels go to get faster. Yamaha has proven many times that their own expertise also makes vehicles with four wheels go faster although we mostly know them for motorcycles, outboards and other marine contraptions. STI is the home of the legendary Subaru WRX STI, a vehicle that moves the already fearsome base WRX from 10 on the dial to about fourteen. It is a rally racer with only the humblest of nods to real world driving.

    So asking for an engine for the electric Subaru from outside the company comes with some definite expectations of power.

    The Yamaha electric engine will go into a car called the electric Subaru STI- E-RA concept which is intended to transition rally racing from tradition vehicles to zero emission vehicles.

    Yamaha says about the electric motors:

    The units the vehicle will use were developed to be “emotional electric engines” that leverage the technologies and engineering sense we have garnered via our engine development to date. Further, thanks to our casting and machining technologies accrued through developing engines, the adoption of high-efficiency segment conductors, and more, these units achieve high output while being compact in size.

    stand alone image of Yamaha electric vehicle motor

    Yamaha has stated that the company plans to achieve carbon neutrality across the production cycle by 2050 through various methods including electric and hydrogen powered alternatives to traditional ICEs. Another pending indication of Yamaha’s commitment to the zero emissions philosophy for the future of transportation in cooperation with another company is the contract with Toyota to build an engine with massive power for an new zero emission Lexus.



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