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Future Scooter, Smart Clothes

    BMW Concept Link future scooter

    BMW continues to roll out its interpretation of what the next 100 years of what two wheeled transport will look like. The latest is a zero emission electric scooter called the Concept Link. Besides styling that according to BMW “breaks all current viewing patterns” what does the new scooter bring to the future paradigm? Connectivity – the scooter knows what your day has in hold for you and will plan the fastest way of getting you there. Keeping you informed of what the scooter has planned will be a touch screen display and a heads up instrument projection on the windscreen. The scooter also comes with a accessory jacket featuring sensors in the arms that tell the scooter to do lings like open the storage compartment as you wave your arms about. Concepts are by definition, ideas of what may be to come and while reality – and production – may not match the envisioned future, some features make it to the “real” world. Start waving those arms.

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