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G310R: BMW Enters the Small Displacement Segment

    BMW G310R  “If can’t ignore em, join em”.  A small amount of that statement has to be true with the announcement of BMW’s new machine, the G310R.  The little road going 310 cc single is the smallest displacement motorcycle to come from the German manufacturer since the short lived G450X enduro that was released back in 2007. The sub 400cc segment has relatively new entries from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM and there are sure to be more on the way.  Rather than a sport bike BMW enters the fray with a roadster which is a wise move as the naked or roadster segment seems  to be the preferred niche for the buyers of these machines that tend toward far more urban environments where an upright and comfortable riding position is beneficial. With  such a “rebirth” in this segment it is not surprising that the “premium” brands have taken notice especially if the small bike is a stepping stone to the brand’s larger and more lucrative models.BMW G310R

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