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Helmet High Fashion – Rossi’s Snow Globe

    Say you are the most legendary roadracer active in the sport today. You are a global favourite. There are suppliers falling over themselves to get you to wear their clothes, riding suits, boots and helmets. Last year’s –  maybe even last week’s –  helmet is old news. Devoted fans are going to want to wear a replica. What to do? You do the same thing that NHL teams do with uniforms  – keep making new special versions. For Rossi’s new look, how about a snow globe? Amid the gearing up and practices that will inevitably lead to the start of the 2017 MotoGP season, Valintino Rossi’s helmet sponsor has revealed his new helmet design – a wintery depiction of Rossi home town Tavullia within a snow globe – although how one would paint the transparent glass of a snow globe is a bit of a mystery.  The helmet is the “Winter Test” edition although the nearest snow to the winter test sessions that are taking place in Malaysia would be a 1000 miles away. Like any good snow globe there are little messages inside for those in the know.

    Beneath all the fancy paint the AGV helmet does have some interesting features including a internal hydration system that allows for fluids (florescent yellow Gatorade?)  on the go.


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