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Hey, hey it’s the monkey…bikes?

    Honda monkey z50

    Honda monkey z50

    Sure we have the Grom and there are a couple of funky Grom concepts that put a cool spin on the 125cc machine as in less plastic, more style. But if you really want style in a bike that you can put in the trunk of your car, it would have to be the Honda Monkey, or Honda monkey z50more specifically the Honda Z50. The Z50 goes back a long way in  the Honda line-up – all the way to the mid sixties. There have been some technological improvements to the Monkey bikes over the years but the look still represents  the quintessential bike that many young and old riders played around on “back in the day”.  Plus there are the classic elements like the big flat seat, kickstart, high pipe and monkey bars.  The Monkey isn’t available in Canada any longer and hasn’t been in the CRF50FUS since the last century. It is a shame really. If an adult put a light kit on Honda’s only other 50cc motorcycle in Canada, the CRF50F,  and hit the streets, well, that would look a little odd. But on a Monkey you would just be cool. At the recent Tokyo Motor Show Honda illustrated that it is still possible to put a new shine on an old Monkey

    .Honda monkey z50

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