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Honda Reveals “Brazilian Twins” for 2016


    The original Africa Twin paid homage to Honda’s victories at the Dakar rally in the late 1980’s. Honda has just announced that a new Africa Twin will be in North America as a 2016 model. In a will it or won’t it but most likely will moment Honda dangled the Africa Twin as the “True Adventure” prototype at EICMA in 2014. There was little doubt Honda would bring the bike to market considering it represented a solution to a large hole in the company’s lineup. Add that to the fact that Honda has resurfaced at the Dakar rally, the event to which the original Africa Twin is dedicated.  The bike will be powered by a 1000cc parallel twin and come with the option of a DCT transmission for those wishing to focus on riding over obstacles rather than shifting gears. Other than that and some mysteriously dark photos, Honda is not saying much. Now that the Dakar runs in South America and the location where HRC is finding their recent success in rally competition, should the new bike not be the Brazilian Twin?


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