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Honda to Help Make Pikes Peak a Little Safer

    pikes peakIf you read anything about the Pikes Peak race it is almost always the environment in which the race is run that gets most of the attention. 156 turns, 12.42 miles in length, a summit of 14,115ft and a whole lot of long drop offs make the race and the views very dramatic. Honda will be racing cars, SxS’s  and motorcycles up the mountain this year, the 93rd running of the race, and to make things a little safer for motorcyclists they will be joining with the AMA (the sanctioning body for the  motorcycle portion of the race) to add a soft technology barrier to sections of the mountain course. At least one racer claims the barrier prevented serious injury during the 2014 race. This year’s race takes place on June 28th. Interesting fact about the Pikes Peak Hill Climb – because you know we like them – the average grade of the course is 7% and 6% of the total climb is negative grade (downhill).


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