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Indian Motorcycle Not About To Surrender Sturgis


    In the face of a Harley-Davidson marketing blitz that included buying naming rights and building a plaza on Main Street it seems that Indian Motorcycle isn’t about to give over Sturgis and the  expected 1 million visitors for this the 75th year of the legendary event without a fight. For the past several years it appeared that Indian was staking a claim on the  Sturgis party based on the fact the giant motorcycle festival was initiated by J.C. “Pappy” Hoel, the local Indian dealer,  back in ’38.

    Not so fast said Harley after signing the 75 year deal (will attendees be able to park their flying motorcycles in the plaza come 2090 when the agreement expires?). This year Indian Motorcycle soldiers on with demo rides, a Indian Chief giveaway, various and sundry parties including “America’s Block Party”, autograph sessions and, of course, the reveal of a new Roland Sands Indian Chieftain custom. The custom is being sponsored by GEICO so there is the chance you may see the talking salamander with the British accent  that promotes GEICO products – that would be cool. Although after partying with 1 million people for a few days under the hot sun a lot of people might be seeing talking salamanders.

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