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Left Field: Virtual Reality Motorcycle Ride


    If you were in Chicago back in February and visited the big motorcycle show you could have jumped on  a motorcycle, put a big goggle thing on your head and ridden to Sturgis courtesy of Victory Motorcycles and Oculus – a VR developer. Yes, virtual reality is here – kind of…. With the help of headphones playing motorcycle noises and tactile sensors – or as we would probably refer to them “vibratin’ whatchamacallits” – attached to the stationary but leaning Victory Gunner you could ride to a simulated Sturgis. Unlike actual Sturgis there doesn’t seem to be any traffic on the road making it seem more like wishful thinking reality but it does allow for virtual speed and acceleration. The scenery doesn’t look up to par but what the heck, it is the ride that counts. There is no word on whether there will be a follow-up featuring a virtual hangover and really expensive virtual hotel rooms. According to the video it is more fun than a barrel of virtual monkeys …..


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