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MotoGP Chilly – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    MotoGP Mont Blanc Massif

    This might be a time for tire warmers ….

    It isn’t an elaborate preamble for a scene in a James Bond movie. You know the one where bad guys on motorcycles chase a skiing Bond down the mountain – For Your Eyes Only comes to mind in particular although alpine hijinx have taken a part in many a 007 adventure. In this case it is an unusual photo op created by Yamaha’s MotoGP team. What more natural a place for two race bikes ridden by Rossi and Lorenzo than atop the Mont Blanc Massif which sits at about 11265 feet? There is a video showing how they pushed, carried and transported the two bikes to the top of the mountain. The way signs pointing to tracks around the world is “cool” – Phillip Island, you win the farthest rider prize. Yamaha riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo were apparently on hand for the festivities.
    If Yamaha contacted Polaris about the ski conversion kits that company’s subsidiary makes for motorcycle James Bond may have a little trouble evading his MotoGP riding pursuers. Also of concern in the video – if this is a ski hill why do skiers have to scale the railing and drop off the balcony? Seems a little odd…. But getting back on what is important here. Those motorcycles that chased Bond down the mountain, across the tabletops and through the bobsled run in For Your Eyes Only were Yamaha XT dualsports so perhaps it all does make sense in the end. (You watch that scene up on Youtube if you are curious)

    MotoGP Mont Blanc Massifpursuers .

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