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NEW! 2019 Kawasaki Z400

    Kawasaki z400 2019

    2019 Z400 Kawasaki

    Aren’t you just so cute…. oh yes you are! Oh right it isn’t a puppy. Kawasaki is adding a junior member, a lightweight, a half-pint partner to the Z line-up of naked steetfighters with the arrival of the 2019 Z400.  In our opinion 400cc, or in this case 399cc, is the ceiling of the a category that would be considered “small” and the good thing about that is 400cc and the accompanying 34 horsepower ought to be enough to cover most of your riding needs if you are within a budget or just want a bike that is simple and light with the added  benefit of some good looks. Yes you could add a bunch of bodywork to the Z400 and find yourself on the Ninja 400 with the same parallel twin motor and other bits and pieces but the Z400 just looks more purposeful sans the plastic.Kawasaki z400 2019


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