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Not Done With Three Wheels

    The three wheeled revolution is not over at Yamaha as the company has announced that they will reveal a new version of the Tritown concept at the CES show in Las Vegas in January where the world is introduced in a slow but steady progression to eventual robotic overlords. Okay that is going a little far but Yamaha is also introducing various autonomous transportation devices including a PPM (public

    the 2017 Tritown concept will be getting updated at the 2019 CES in Las Vegas for that enjoyable last mile.

    personal mobility) device that will be controlled by an AI conductor which will recognize your facial featured – once you have registered them – and interact with you. The conductor will then stop and start the device dependant on passenger gestures (that seems open to much interpretation). Yamaha will also be introducing improvements to their line of unmanned, autonomous helicopters with anew  model capable of carrying 70kgs with increased collision avoidance and foul weather stability capabilities (will this be the promised Amazon aerial delivery service?).

    Which all makes a three-wheeled Segway type device not quite as exciting – but hold on, one line in the press release states the TriTown’s aim is “making last-mile travel enjoyable”. Hey, that sounds ominous…..


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