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Hellcat and H2: A Dodge vs Kawasaki Numbers Game



    Hellcat vs H2

    We all appreciate power and out of the box thinking. Don’t we? The new Kawasaki H2 has a supercharged engine and the new Dodge Charger Hellcat has a supercharged engine. Seems like a good enough reason to compare the numbers of these two unapologetic, brazen and tire-shredding beasts. What about the Kawasaki H2R? We are going to stick with street legal for this numbers game as there is little doubt a performance shop will take a Hellcat, turn it into a closed course vehicle and bump its output north of 850hp. Strictly out of the box and on to the road.

    The Hellcat may have over triple the horsepower but it also has over eight times the weight. The scales look much in the H2’s favor until you reach the torque per lb number where suddenly things seem a lot closer as the “sedan’s” monster number comes into play. The Hellcat while much heavier has the advantage of two big fat tires applying all that torque mercilessly to the pavement. Top speed? That  can’t be compared as the H2 has been electronically limited to 299kph. Pretty fast nonetheless.

    Ultimately either machine would keep a gearhead happy as either pushes – and exceeds – the limits of what we have come to expect. Sure a lot of car guys aren’t motorcycle guys and motorcycle guys aren’t car guys but we all appreciate the pursuit of power especially when attempts have obviously been made, as in these two cases, to make that abundant power effective.

    And just for fun, the closest number is that of cost per linear foot. And should you wish to buy your horsepower like you purchase your apples at the store, that one is no contest  – but bring a very big cart.

    Hellcat vs H2 – The Numbers

    Price: Kawasaki H2 – $27,500  Dodge Charger Hellcat – $75,285

    Engine: H2 Supercharged, 988cc, inline four, Hellcat Supercharged, 6.2litre, V8

    Transmission: H2 Six-speed, Hellcat Eight speed auto

    Horsepower: H2 207 (with Ram air), Hellcat 707

    Torque: H2 98.5 lb-ft, Hellcat 650 lb-ft

    Weight: H2 524 lbs, Hellcat 4365 lbs

    Overall Length: H2 83.4 inches, Hellcat 200.3 inches

    Hp per lb: H2 2.53. Hellcat 6.17

    Lb-ft per lb: H2 5.32, Hellcat 6.71

    Seats per $: H2 $27,500, Hellcat $15,057

    $ per inch: H2 $330. Hellcat $376

    $ per lb: H2 $52.50. Hellcat: $17.25

    $ per hp: H2 $133. Hellcat $106






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