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Pikes Peak Project 156 – DNF

    Racing success was a little more difficult to achieve for Victory Motorcycles on Pikes Peak than on the Isle of Man a few weeks ago.  The Project 156 bike, after posting  good times, was a DNF when the bike stopped running near the top of the mountain but  prior to the finish line. The mechanical problems were likely a result of a low side crash early in the climb when the bike and rider Don Canet went down after hitting a paint stripe.


    Of the effort, Polaris  Motorcycles product director Gary Gray states “We committed to racing a prototype Victory engine in one of the toughest ways possible, and we succeeded in showing how strong an engineering team we have at Victory Motorcycles to develop a competitive motor in such a short time. We may not have ended up with the result we all wanted today – but I can say that the Project 156 represents the two things that Victory stands for – performance and exhilaration. We got the bike back down to the pits after the race, and were able to fire it up. It looks like the crash may have resulted in an electrical issue that ended this run for Project 156. The team is investigating to find the specific issue, and we want to bring Project 156 back to the race again.”

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