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Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain …. Ace Cafe?


    Proving that you can’t keep the reigns on a good thing, the first Ace Cafe in North America will be opening this fall  in Orlando, Florida. Fittingly, as it isn’t far from the gates of Disney World, the North American flagship of this iconic British motorcycle hotspot is built to resemble the original cafe. The company launching this endeavor has the right to the Ace Cafe brand in North and South America and is based out of Overland Park, Kansas. Mark McKee, CEO of Ace Cafe North America said in an interview with the Kansas City Star that the Ace Cafe in Orlando is not intended to be a theme restaurant but rather a place for motor enthusiast to gather.

    There will of course be a shop with tshirts and hats to buy while they are hanging out as in the lore of motorcycles there are few more hallowed spots and being associate with the brand will certainly drive initial traffic . Keeping and enduring relevance will be the key to success.  All this means  you may eventually see an Ace Cafe in your city – there is already one in Beijing, Finland and Switzerland.

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