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Scooters : Not Just For Going Slow Anymore

    yamaha gdr155 sport scooterYamaha is introducing a new scooter in Asia with the intent of creating – although some would claim adding to – a new category of sport scooters. With a visual flair reminiscent of the R6, the new GDR155 certainly has the looks if not the displacement or manual transmission of its larger wheel diameter counterparts. The knee dragging, stoppie loving, wheelie wanting, step through crowd will find a 155cc liquid cooled motor and a lightweight 116kg chassis in their new scooter.  Yamaha is hoping that this model will be a stepping stone to larger, more powerful sport scooters. The GDR155 is being offered in Asia only with no word that there will be a North American model. The likelihood of that  is about the same as that of a long and extended burnout. But hey, you never know.

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