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Scouting A Custom – Canadian Dealers Join the Competition

    Indian Scout Custom

    Using a strategy that has recently proved successful for both Harley-Davidson and Yamaha, Indian Motorcycles have unleashed their dealers on the Indian Scout model in a competitive custom build challenge. For Harley-Davidson the recent Street Battle competition held both in Canada and the United States proved that Harley’s least expensive entry model could be refashioned into a work of art with a limited budget for accessories, labour and custom manufacturing. Indian has now done the same with the Indian Scout and Indian Scout Sixty models but unlike Harley that used a “you could do this” approach has allowed the dealers an unlimited budget for customization with the caveat each bike had to include a minimum of three factory accessories in the build. Although Indian dealers are still relatively rare in Canada, there appear to be three offering from Canada – two from Quebec and one from Manitoba.The top three bikes from around the world – ranging from reverse trikes to cafe racers to boardtrackers will face off in a subjective vote by a panel of celebrity judges during Daytona Bike Week. As Roland Sands, Zach Ness and Erbacher have already produced Scout customs of their own it seems likley that one or all may make up part of that panel.

    Voting For The Indian Scout Custom

    The pubic is allowed to vote on their favourite Indian Scout custom so come on Canada, let’s get a Canadian elected! The voting site is found here.

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