Come On, Smile Why Don’t You? It’s Magnifico!

Ducati announced that 2016 was their best year ever with a small gain in total deliveries over 2015. The total number of bikes delivered was 55,451 with the biggest share at 8,787 going to the United States followed by Italy and Germany as the next largest markets. The hipster oriented, “Land of Happiness”, less expensive Scrambler line accounted for 28% of Ducati sales while it looks as though as a single model (as opposed to a family), the XDiavel might be one of the most popular models in Ducati’s stable accounting for almost 10% of total sales – not bad for a cruiser that doesn’t want to be a cruiser or is it a sport bike that doesn’t want to be a cruiser? Whatever… but with those kind of numbers, these two ought to be smiling!


Ducati Explains a Colour – Black


You have to love these “films” from Ducati. What are they really trying to say? Known primarily for red, Ducati has just released a video explaining another colour – black.  Rope is black, vinyl is black, a wrench is black, oil is black? Hey, that smoke doesn’t look black! The video also notes that “black”  will be arriving on November 16 which is just a few days prior to the first public  day of the 2015 EICMA motorcycle show in Italy. There is an indication following the video that other colours may be explained.  We have never been sure what colour is actually  “mauve”. Here’s to hoping for a description.

A Ducati Trike? Probably Not. Nine New Ducati Models on the Way

When Ducati unveiled the new Monster1200R in Frankfurt it was only the beginning of a onslaught of new Ducatis for 2016. The company states that there will be nine new bikes coming and that a couple will be in categories that the company currently does not have a presence. What could that be?   A few ideas. Currently the smallest Ducatis on the market are the 803 cc Scrambler and the 821 Monster. That leaves a lot of displacement unaccounted for. KTM is selling crate loads of Duke 390s and the RC390 claims to be the hardest core small displacement sportbike on the market – and it is far from the least expensive. Ducati could turn up with a tiny Monster,  Streetfighter or potent mini-Panigale to try and claim back some of the micro-sport segment from KTM and the Japanese manufacturers. That seems to make the most sense as Europe and other global regions have a much stronger small displacement market than we have here in North America.

Other possibilities? What about a scooter? The volume might be there and it would be tempting but attaching Ducati’s performance branding to a scooter would be a challenge. BMW and Triumph both have middleweight ADV bikes so how about a Mutistrada 821? That would seem to be a good fit. Cruiser? Ducati has the “don’t call me a cruiser” Diavel and any further dipping of wheels in that segment of the market is unlikely.

Ducati is selling a lot of bikes and would like that growth to continue. How they choose to do it will be interesting but the options probably won’t include a trike,  atv or a new and updated version of the legendary (infamous?)Indiana – although it does look ripe for a trike kit….