Fastest Honda …… Ever

Honda S-Dream Streamliner - Fastest Honda Vehicle Ever.
Honda S-Dream Streamliner – Fastest Honda Vehicle Ever.

Powered by a 660cc Honda motor, the Honda Streamliner S-Dream set anew FIA world record of 261.875 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats for a vehicle in its class and became the world’s fasted Honda vehicle ever beating a mark that was set in 2006. The new effort by the Honda team began in 2015 and culminated in one attempt at Bonneville Speed Week which did not result in a record but the team returned shortly after and had runs at speeds up to 266mph before setting the official new record. The S-Dream was piloted by former Japan motorcycle champion Hikaru Miyagi.

It Ain’t Easy Being Speedy

triumph castrol rocket streamliner

Triumph’s attempts to get back in the record books with the Castrol Rocket Streamliner have hit a few bumps – something you want to avoid while aiming to hit 400mph. Following the recent announcement of celebrity racer Guy Martin’s nod to succeed Jason DiSalvo as pilot of the twin Rocket III powered, 1000hp streamliner, it has just been announce by Triumph that the next attempt at the record will not occur until 2016 due to Martin’s recent injuries sustained at the Ulster Grand Prix. Ironically it was Martin who successfully stepped in to replace an injured William Dunlop aboard the electric Victory race bike at the Isle of Man in June. The Southern California Timing Association had already canceled Speed Week due to wet conditions on the Salt Flats so this year’s attempt was already facing challenges. Jason DiSalvo initially tested the streamliner on the Salt Flats back in 2013.

triumph castrol rocket streamliner