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The CAKE Recipe

    cake electric motorcycle handyman studio shot

    cake electric motorcycle handyman studio shot

    We couldn’t leave this one out. The Cake Ösa is the Swedish Swiss army knife of electric motorcycles. The Swedish company straight-up acknowledges electric motorcycles are best used in urban settings for just about every purpose. The Ösa can be configured for multiple applications including towing trailers, delivering food or carpentry work (dimensional lumber only). Accessories are available to carry all sorts of things. 

    The little machine has a factory-spec top speed of 90 kmh dependent on mode (leave the chop saw at home for the fast one) and a range of about 90 kilometres before needing a recharge. The battery pops out to be charged elsewhere or, with its two outlets, it can power almost any tool you bring along. It isn’t stripped down in the technology department either as it has three riding modes, two braking modes that are regenerative, inverted forks, bluetooth, GSM connectivity (don’t let anyone steal your Cake) and a TFT screen. 

    Like every other motorcycle, it is waterproof in case someone leaves the Cake out in the rain. The Cake ÖSA is spendy, ranging from US $10,000 to US $11,370.

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