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Victory Empulse TT Electric Bike Heading to Dealers

    victory empulse tt

    Like the freight train coming down the tracks , its arrival was without question. Victory has unveiled its branded electric motorcycle – the Empulse TT. An early iteration of the  Empulse  existed as a Brammo product before that company was purchased by Victory parent company Polaris but the current model has been updated and revised. The Empulse is significant for several reasons (1) it is an all electric production bike  that will be available at Victory retailers (2) it signifies the diversification of Victory away from being a strictly cruiser-centric company. With a range of between 105 and 160 kilometres depending on throttle use and riding mode, the Empulse will recharge fully in 3.9 hours on a 240V outlet and 8.9 on a typical 120V household outlet. Top speed is said to be around 160 kph. One unusual feature of the Empulse is the actual six speed transmission rather than a CVT. Neutral is found between 2nd and 3rd gear as the bike can be ridden strictly in 3rd gear for most conditions. The bike is said to be heading to dealers by late 2015.


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