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Yamaha Solves the Who’s Driving Home Question

    We think it is great when Yamaha comes up with cool yet weird stuff. They have the Motobot, the Motoroid, drone helicopters and boats. It is all fascinating even if it isn’t motorcycle related. The case in point today is this contraption. Say you are on a motorcycle tour somewhere – perhaps a nice resort. You are tired of the swim-up bar because it is playing havoc with the leathers …. the chlorine is fading the colour and the pool water is turning black around you. You have heard that there is a funky bar in town but that is a bit of a distance and nobody wants to be riding home after too many drinks from a coconut shell. Well if you are lucky the resort may one day have one of these four wheel leisure vehicles. Nobody needs to drive or ride because 06GEN drives itself using road image-recognition! If you don’t remember the way home the 06Gen does. One thing that does cause a moment of pause is that Yamaha calls it “last-mile mobility”. Hmmm ……. oh well, it looks like it has a glass viewing window in the floor. That would be cool.

    What you doin’ under there Bob?

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